What Causes Ear Mites in Dogs?

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What causes ear mites in dogs? Well, this is the most common question that dog owners often ask when they see their dogs scratch their ears a lot. You must know that there are some types of ear mites. It doesn’t matter what the type is, but mites need particular conditions so that they can comfortably inhabit your dog. If you want to treat this condition, then knowing how your dog contract and host ear mites is a must.

What Causes Ear Mites in Dogs? – Learn Why Mites Love Ears

Before exploring the causes of ear mites in your dog, let’s learn why mites love your dog’s ears. It is not very surprising that ear mites are easily transferred from one animal to another. In fact, a positive parasitic environment for breeding is the most common cause why ear mites can comfortably inhabit your dog. You must know that the ear canal can be considered as a perfect place for ear mites to thrive. What makes ear mites more difficult to handle is that they are nearly invisible to our naked eyes. Due to this reason, it is easy to say that detecting the problem is difficult before the infestation is in full swing.

What are Types of Ear Mites?

There are some types of ear mites that you must know so that you can find the right solution for your dog. These types are Notoedres, Otodectes, Demodex, and Sarcoptic mange. Each type has different characteristics. For example, Notoedres and Otodectes are both tiny. These types usually live in on the skin of your dog. Two other types are Sarcoptic mange and Demodex which can cause infection of the external flap of your dog’s ears. Ear Mites bite and burrow into the skin of your dogs, thus they can cause inflammation and intense skin irritation.

What Causes Ear Mites in Dogs? – Learn Its Causes and Treat the Problem

So, what causes ear mites in dogs? As we have said earlier that finding the causes is the key if you want to treat the problem effectively. Studies have shown that ear mites are common in outdoor pets. These pets can infect their canine companions. Since ear mites are often passed from pet to pet, you need to find the infected dog first. The good news is that we are generally immune to ear mites.

The Bottom Line

Ear mites are a serious issue for your dog. They look like an annoying friend that doesn’t want to leave. Since ear mites are highly contagious, you should take immediate actions. Other pets such as cats and horses are also carriers of ear mites. Once you realize that your dog has been infected, taking immediate actions will help you to prevent secondary infections or any serious long-term damage. Of course, if you have many animals, then dealing with ear mites can be tough. This is some important information that you must know the next time you have to deal with ear mites in dogs.

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