What are Ear Mites in Dogs?

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What are ear mites in dogs? Well, there are many dog owners who ask this question when they are dealing with ear mites. They are actually a common parasite which often inhabits your dog. Ear mites can’t be seen by the naked eyes, thus it is not easy to check whether your dog is suffering from ear mites or not.

Learn More about Ear Mites and Their Characteristics

So what are ear mites in dogs? As we have said earlier that ear mites are a common parasite, thus it is not very surprising if your dog may suffer from ear mites. They are infectious, thus your dog should be treated immediately if your dog has one or more symptoms of ear mites. They are actually microscopic organisms which are difficult to see with the naked eye. If you want to confirm their presence, then you must use a microscope to detect whether there are ear mites or not.

Ear mites usually live on or in the skin of your dog. Since an adult may live for 2 months or more, then it is possible that they can multiply quickly with eggs. The worst part is that these eggs only take four days to hatch and it only requires three weeks so that they can develop into an adult mite.  

Does Your Dog Have Ear Mites?

If you want to check whether your dog has ear mites or not, then there are some options that you can do. You can check whether your dog is shaking and scratching his head a lot. Since ear mites will cause your dog’s ears to itch, it is not very surprising that the condition will make your dog scratch his head. Ear mites may produce wax and irritation too. Thus, it is possible that your dog’s ears may look red and inflamed. In most cases, ear mites can also cause other serious conditions. For example, they may cause a dry black ear discharge.

Checking whether your dog has ear mites or not is not easy, thus it would be better if you get your dog to the vets. It is a better way where you will know whether irritation in your dog’s ears is caused by ear mites or not. By visiting the vet, they can confirm a diagnosis of ear mites using a tool called an otoscope. If you don’t want to visit the vet, you have no idea whether your dog has ear mites or not. Chances are that your dog may suffer from a yeast infection. Since you have no idea what the cause is, it may lead to weeks of inappropriate treatment.

The Bottom Line

Remember that ear mites are contagious to other dogs and other pets too. If you have more than one pet, then they should be treated at the same time even if they are showing some symptoms of ear mites. Once you have learned some important information provided here, you should have some ideas when other dog owners ask a question, “What are ear mites in dogs?”

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