Some Important Facts about Ear Mites in Dogs

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What do you know about ear mites in dogs? First things first, you must know that mites that inhabit your dog can be a serious issue. If you know a little about ear mites, then it will help you understand about this issue. In addition, you will also learn how to treat the problem in a more effective way. Let’s check some facts about ear mites that we have listed below.

4 Facts You Must Know about Ear Mites in Dogs

Knowing some common facts about ear mites in dogs will help you make the best decision when treating this problem. The following are some important facts that you must know.

Ear Mites are Very Contagious

The most surprising part about ear mites is that they can jump from one animal to other animals with very little contact. In other words, casual contact should be more than enough to cause a more serious problem. Due to this reason, it is important that you check your pets. If one of them has an infestation, then you should check other pets that you have. Make sure that you keep the infected pet separated from others. You must follow this procedure until the infestation has been cleared up. Don’t forget to clean all the bedding so that you can prevent an infestation from returning.

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean

Knowing how to take care of your dog is important. There are some procedures that you can do. One of these procedures is to keep your dog’s ears clean. Make sure that you also keep your dog’s ears free from debris. Following this procedure is a clever solution to maintain good ear health. However, it doesn’t mean that you can prevent your dog from contracting ear mites from other animals.

The good news is that maintaining good ear health will provide a bit more protection. There are some benefits that you can get if you keep your dog’s ears clean. For example, it can remove ear mites before they can reproduce. Another benefit is that it will remove their primary nutrient intake.

Ear Mites Can Cause Some Serious Damage

You might be surprised if you know that ear mites can cause some serious damage. If this condition is left untreated, ear mites can cause some serious issues. For example, they can cause ear infections which will result in a number of consequences too. Although some ear mites do not burrow under the skin of your dog, you shouldn’t underestimate them. You must know those ear mites carry bacteria. If the skin gets broken then it is obvious that the bacteria will cause infection.

Ear Mites May Look Like Dirt

There are some signs that you can use if you want to know whether your dog is infected with ear mites or not. In fact, ear mites may look like dirt, thus it is not easy to see them. The most common sign is if there are dark particles.

The Bottom Line

You already know that ear mites are a nuisance. By knowing these facts, you know how to make the best decision when dealing with ear mites in dogs.  

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